Recuperate lost revenue on vacation rentals with Prroperties

With flexible to mid-term rentals, you increase your average revenue by 33%, reduce your workload, and reach above 80% occupancy.

Why switch to Prroperties

Earn more in rental revenue!

Flexible short-mid-long term rental models allow higher occupancy with lower turnover costs to increase steady income!

Fewer vacancies

Short-term rentals derive around 40% occupancy, while Prroperties averages above 80%.

Your first booking within days

Faster occupancy with our expert marketing and customer acquisition teams.

Verified renters

Our advertising efforts on significant search engines and platforms attract thousands of prospects. Prroperties screens complete criminal background, income, and eviction reports.

Less regulation, fewer risks

Vacation rentals are constantly under scrutiny and becoming too complex and costly for investors, while with Prroperties, we continuously develop new strategies and explore new markets

Flexible occupancy and fewer vacancies

Average members stay close to 12 months. Short-term rentals derive around 40% occupancy, while Prroperties averages above 80%.

Strengthen your community

Make a meaningful impact by providing affordable spaces to quality renters, saving hundreds of dollars monthly!

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Compare Prroperties vs. vacation rentals

How does a Miami rental compare?

Prroperties Vacation rentals
**80% Occupancy - 25 days (8 rooms per property) *60% Occupancy - 18 days
Rent per week
Rent per week
Gross monthly earnings
Gross monthly earnings
Platform fees (12%)
Platform fees (3%)
Net monthly earnings
Net monthly earnings
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What Our Customers Say

“I can't express how grateful I am to Prroperties for their exceptional service. They took care of everything, from finding reliable tenants to maintaining my property. The peace of mind they've provided is priceless.”

Gary Richard


“Prroperties has made property ownership a breeze for me. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every interaction. Thanks to their expertise, my investments have never been more lucrative.”

Ryan Simmons


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